How we are using Artificial Intelligence to become better Lawyers

One of the key components of our value proposition here at MasiboLaw is Speed. We always endeavor to improve the speed by which we serve our clients while maintaining the highest possible standards of quality.  In light of this, we decided to add a new member to our team –  ChatGPT. We decided to incorporate the artificial intelligence into our practice so that we can improve on our service delivery and keep our brand promise.

This is what this means for service delivery going forward;

1. 5 X more speed – We will be using ChatGPT and any alternative models that we can use to improve our turnaround time for preparing routine legal documents. With ChatGPT as part of our team, we guarantee a 1 day maximum turnaround time for basic contracts and legal documents.

2. 5 X more quality research –  We will be using ChatGPT to improve the quality as well as the depth of our legal research. With the added breadth that comes with artificial intelligence, we will be improving the amount of material we can analyze at any given moment before giving a legal opinion.

With this two in place, we hope to pass the savings both in terms of time and resources to our clients.

In what ways do you use AI in your business? 

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