At MasiboLaw, we offer a wide range of services including;

Legal Advice

We offer specialised legal advice tailored to our Client’s needs and backed by time-tested experience.

Registration of Trademarks

We help businesses to protect their ideas and inventions by registering trademarks, copyrights and patents.

Preparation of Contracts and Contract Negotiation Advice

We help businesses and individuals to protect their interests through contracts and also review contracts and advise individuals on how to protect their interests before signing a contract.

Data Protection Consultation Services

We offer businesses and individuals advice on how to comply with the Data Protection Act 2019 and help individuals file data breach complaints and privacy lawsuits. We also help entities to register as Data Controllers and Processors.


E-Commerce and Digital Platforms

We offer a host of tailored legal services to e-commerce platforms and digital platforms such as preparing their Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies and various company policies.

Business Transactions

We offer services that facilitate business transactions including registering companies, subsidiaries, partnerships and associations. We also facilitate share transfers, prepare shareholder agreements and prepare the relevant business documents needed to establish both local and foreign-owned businesses.

Filing and Defending Commercial Law Suits

We have a well-honed speciality of filing and defending commercial lawsuits with current and active ongoing cases on behalf of our Clients in the High Court, subordinate Courts and other tribunals. We are also seasoned negotiators and have secured settlements for our Clients in diverse matters.