Client Reviews

“For anyone conducting business in Kenya or has relationships there, I highly recommend Meshack for all your legal needs. He’s very knowledgeable in his work and has an understanding of business as well. He does not only just execute the work, but goes the extra mile in educating his clients (including me) on available options as well as the implications of each. All our engagements have been virtual this far, but I’m looking forward to one day heading to his lovely office in Nairobi.” – Nehemiah Sikhosana, Software Developer/UX Designer based in Johannesburg, South Africa

“Meshack is honest and genuine. It’s been four gracious years of working with Meshack as a legal consultant. Whenever I approach him for a legal assignment or consultation, he has never taken my money before understanding my problem. On all occasions, he’s always given multiple viewpoints to ensure I’m well-informed. I also appreciate his resourcefulness that has been solid and handy especially considering the size of our company” – Bien Brian Njoroge, Full Stack Developer and CEO, Convenience Designs Ltd