What happens when Love grows sour, when passionate love is replaced by violence, cruelty,  adultery and unending conflict? If counselling does not work or the issues are just too much to bear one of the options a Couple has is to get a Divorce. Here is how to get a Divorce in Kenya.

1. Divorce should not be the first option when there are hardships in Marriage, for you to be granted a Divorce you need to prove that you have tried alternative ways to resolve your differences.

2. Collect Evidence of what makes you want to leave the Union, if it’s pictures, phone messages, screenshots, P3 forms indicating you were a victim of Gender based Violence.

3. Consult a Divorce Lawyer and have them prepare for you a Petition and all the documents necessary to file a Divorce.

4. File the Case in Court. You will also be required to attend Court and testify as to why you want a Divorce.

5.You will need to prove that one of the following happened before you are granted a Divorce; there was Adultery,  Cruelty, Violence, Neglect or that the  Relationship has irretrievably broken down and cannot be restored.

6. Once you have proved either of the above,  the Court will grant you an initial Divorce Order called a Decree Nisi,  this can be reversed within one month if you change your mind.

7. If after one month you still want to get a Divorce,  you will get a final Divorce Order called a Decree Absolute. This is not reversible and will mean your marriage is now over.

8. Heal, Mend,  try again if you can.

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