Do you need a lawyer to draft your Terms and Conditions?

Short answer, no. You can always find a template online and copy and paste it to your website/app. But is your business a copy paste of another? Do you know your legal needs as a business and how to legally protect them? Are you confident that a random document from the internet understands how Kenyan law works and can protect you if someone sues you? Is that a risk you are willing to take?

I have spent a long time redoing copy and paste terms and conditions for different clients and the difference between what we draft and a copy paste from the internet is as clear as day. When we work together with a client to develop a Terms and Conditions we make sure to protect the Client’s interest above all else. While it’s true that you may never be sued, what happens if you are sued by your customer and all you have to protect you is a copy pasted terms and conditions that isn’t even in line with Kenyan law?

What then? Is that a future you are comfortable with?

Published by masibolaw

We help ambitious entrepreneurs to overcome legal and regulatory obstacles while growing their businesses.

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