One Critical Reason why a Privacy Assessment can make or break your Business

Over the past couple of years, I have had the privilege of working with different App Developers – or better-called solution architects, guiding them through complying with the legal requirements that come with launching and developing their innovative products. I have worked with developers in the e-commerce space, e-fashion space, e-gaming space, and e-payments space to name a few.

If you talk to any of them they will tell you that I always tell them to jump ahead of the crowd by using compliance as a tool of advancement as opposed to seeing it only as a legal requirement. When Flutterwave and Chipper Technologies were shut down by the Central Bank of Kenya, they finally started believing me on the importance of legal compliance.

One of the critical areas of compliance at the moment is in terms of privacy. With the enactment of the Data Protection Act, generic privacy policies copied from somewhere in the internet just won’t do. Users are becoming more privacy conscious and they are starting to consider which business best protects their privacy when transacting and doing business online.  

One of the things that can keep you compliant with the Data Protection Act is carrying out a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). A DPIA enables privacy and data protection considerations to be made in the early stages of app development where any identified problems can be easier to resolve rather than later in the business where solutions will be expensive and are likely to delay the rollout of the product. 

I have carried out Data Protection Impact Assessments for a number of businesses and some of my most common recommendations revolve around measures that will boost the trust that the consumer has in the business.

Do consumers trust your Business? Do they trust that your privacy policy protects them?

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