A helping hand – What MasiboLaw is

One of my clients is called James. James has always been an ambitious guy, he has always gone against the grain and developed wonderful ideas. He is an entrepreneur, an innovator and a creator. When he graduated from university, he decided to venture into self employment by developing applications and software for different clients. He would build websites, applications and digital marketplaces for different clients across the country.

Despite his very unique skills, he had two weaknesses. A lot of his clients never paid him after he finished the work. They would “take him round and round” but never pay. Secondly, James struggled to get high paying projects because he always operated as a solopreneur and never bothered to register a business entity. This meant that big corporates rarely took him seriously.

We met with James at a conference for budding entepreneurs and I told him that I could double his revenue stream in three months. He did not believe me and thought I was only trying to sell to him a product, but I wasn’t. I started helping James prepare a contract for each of his clients when he took their work. To ensure that he did not lose money, we made his client pay my legal fees. We made sure each client signed the contract before a witness and when a client delayed we sent a sharp Threatening Demand Letter than got most of James Clients to behave properly and pay him. And we also got the Client to pay for the Demand Letter as extra punishment!

Now James almost always gets paid in time and his profits soared very high, we also registered a Company for James and he could now bid for work from big corporate clients, he has gotten more chances to bid for work and has been able to get into offices he previously could not. This is my story with James, this is what I do. This is MasiboLaw.

Published by masibolaw

We help ambitious entrepreneurs to overcome legal and regulatory obstacles while growing their businesses.

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