1. You have entered into a contract for the supply of goods or services to someone but after supplying he/she has refused to pay you.  What do you do?

2. The first thing you can do is to issue   a Demand Letter asking them to pay the Debt.

3. If they don’t respond to the Demand Letter within 7 days and the debt owed is less than 1 million shillings, you can file a case against them in the Small Claims Court.

4. Filing a case in the Small Claims Court will cost you less than 1000 shillings.

5. You will receive a Judgment within 3 months.

6. After receiving the Judgment you can serve it on the person who owes you the Debt.

7. If they don’t pay you immediately,  you can proceed to auction their property and get your money back in less than one month.

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