5 things to consider before you form a Company in Kenya

If you decide to run a Business as a Company, these are some of the things you need to consider.

1. A Shareholders Agreement – This allows you to classify the different types of shares in the Company and allows you to retain control over the Company. It also allows you to control how shares can be transferred in the Company.

2. A Dividend Policy  – This gives you the power to control how you will be sharing Company Profits among your shareholders.

3. A Company Secretary – If your Company has paid up share capital above 5 million you are required by law to have a Company Secretary.

4. Filing Annual Returns – As a Company,  you are required by law to file Annual Returns, once a year,  14 days after holding your annual general meeting.

5. A Board Charter – This is a document that will outline the roles,  responsibilities and powers of the Company Directors.

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