How can you avoid being Sued for a Privacy Violation?

A privacy law suit is a case filed by a consumer against a Company/Organization for violation of their right to privacy. An example of a privacy law suit is when a vendor using an e-commerce platform files a case against the e-commerce company for breaching their right to privacy. This can happen if for instanceContinue reading “How can you avoid being Sued for a Privacy Violation?”

3 Ways Intellectual Property Issues affect StartUps

The difference between having an idea and owning it is intellectual property rights. Having an¬† intellectual property¬† right registered against your startup means that it is protected and no one can steal it from you. Here are 3 ways Intellectual property issues affect StartUps. 1. Trademarks protects your brand from counterfeits. The process of buildingContinue reading “3 Ways Intellectual Property Issues affect StartUps”


Filing your Taxes is an important thing for any Business. Evading tax is an offence and can lead to KRA slapping your business with a huge fine that cripples and kills your enterprise. These are some of the taxes you need to pay as a small or medium size business owner; 1. Turnover Tax –Continue reading “WHAT TAXES DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED TO PAY?”