3 tips to get your Hiring Right as a StartUp

So you have gotten funding, what next? Most likely you want to start recruiting and hiring new employees. Hiring is a delicate process that has different components and getting it right is vital to your business success. Every employee you add into your company can either make you succeed or fail. Aside from qualifications andContinue reading “3 tips to get your Hiring Right as a StartUp”

How can you avoid being Sued for a Privacy Violation?

A privacy law suit is a case filed by a consumer against a Company/Organization for violation of their right to privacy. An example of a privacy law suit is when a vendor using an e-commerce platform files a case against the e-commerce company for breaching their right to privacy. This can happen if for instanceContinue reading “How can you avoid being Sued for a Privacy Violation?”

Do you need a lawyer to draft your Terms and Conditions?

Short answer, no. You can always find a template online and copy and paste it to your website/app. But is your business a copy paste of another? Do you know your legal needs as a business and how to legally protect them? Are you confident that a random document from the internet understands how KenyanContinue reading “Do you need a lawyer to draft your Terms and Conditions?”

What makes a Software Development Agreement Good?

Oftentimes, companies seek the services of software developers to develop software to meet their different needs. The process is complex and mirrors surrogacy where a woman carries a baby for a couple. Like surrogacy, software development for hire carries many risks on both sides, for instance, what if the software developer decides to take theContinue reading “What makes a Software Development Agreement Good?”


Filing your Taxes is an important thing for any Business. Evading tax is an offence and can lead to KRA slapping your business with a huge fine that cripples and kills your enterprise. These are some of the taxes you need to pay as a small or medium size business owner; 1. Turnover Tax –Continue reading “WHAT TAXES DOES YOUR BUSINESS NEED TO PAY?”


Are you a Company or Organization that handles people’s data such as an E-commerce Platform, an IT Company, a Web Development Company or a Tech based Company? The Data Protection Act affects you. Under the Act you are required to register as a Data Controller or Processor under section 18 of the Data Protection Act.Continue reading “FINE ALERT!!DO YOU HANDLE PEOPLE’S DATA?”


Leadership is everything. What this means is that if you have a bad Director in your Company they have the potential to ruin everything for your Business. Here is how to remove a Bad Director from your Company. 1. Hold a Shareholders meeting and pass an Ordinary Resolution approving  the removal of the Director. 2.Continue reading “HOW TO REMOVE A DIRECTOR FROM YOUR COMPANY”


When you are running a company you may want to transfer shares for one reason or the other. Maybe you want to add someone in your Business or give an investor some shares in exchange for capital being injected in your Business. In some cases, one shareholder may die and you want to transfer theirContinue reading “HOW TO TRANSFER SHARES IN YOUR COMPANY”