Do you really need a Lawyer as a Techie? (Hint: The answer is not what you think)

It has been 5 years since I served my first client working in technology and I have never met a client who wanted a lawyer – they all needed one. Either someone needs to register a trademark or a contract reviewed or some help understanding a complex note purchase agreement from an investor. One thingContinue reading “Do you really need a Lawyer as a Techie? (Hint: The answer is not what you think)”

5 Key things that you need to comply with the Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act has become the talk of town as consumers are becoming more privacy sensitive and authorities are starting to enforce against privacy violations by big and small organizations. In a first of many to come, Oppo Kenya was fined 5 million shillings by the Data Protection Commissioner for violating privacy laws. With this in mind, whatContinue reading “5 Key things that you need to comply with the Data Protection Act”

Must you register as a Data Controller or Processor?

In 2022, the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner issued a directive to companies and organizations handling personal data to register as data controllers/processors. The directive targeted organizations in specific fields such as digital lending, financial payments, healthcare, property management, internet service provision, and transport services to register. Additionally, companies in e-commerce that use direct marketing to reach theirContinue reading “Must you register as a Data Controller or Processor?”

How to get a Payment Service Provider (PSP) licence in Kenya

Recently Paystack received authorization to be a Payment Service Provider (PSP.) What does this mean? It effectively gives Paystack access to the National Payment System and allows it to process payments of all kinds. What do you need to do to get the PSP License? 1. You need to think of a proposed name forContinue reading “How to get a Payment Service Provider (PSP) licence in Kenya”

3 tips to get your Hiring Right as a StartUp

So you have gotten funding, what next? Most likely you want to start recruiting and hiring new employees. Hiring is a delicate process that has different components and getting it right is vital to your business success. Every employee you add into your company can either make you succeed or fail. Aside from qualifications andContinue reading “3 tips to get your Hiring Right as a StartUp”

What do Investors want? 2 Tips to get through Start Up Funding

The average Investor in a Kenyan Tech Start Up is Foreign/ Foreign based and for them to invest in your startup or purchase a note in it, they need to be sure that you comply with the local law. Having reviewed and worked on different investment agreements, I’ve learnt that most investors need evidence thatContinue reading “What do Investors want? 2 Tips to get through Start Up Funding”

How can you avoid being Sued for a Privacy Violation?

A privacy law suit is a case filed by a consumer against a Company/Organization for violation of their right to privacy. An example of a privacy law suit is when a vendor using an e-commerce platform files a case against the e-commerce company for breaching their right to privacy. This can happen if for instanceContinue reading “How can you avoid being Sued for a Privacy Violation?”

Do you need a lawyer to draft your Terms and Conditions?

Short answer, no. You can always find a template online and copy and paste it to your website/app. But is your business a copy paste of another? Do you know your legal needs as a business and how to legally protect them? Are you confident that a random document from the internet understands how KenyanContinue reading “Do you need a lawyer to draft your Terms and Conditions?”

What happens when a Data Breach Occurs?

Data breaches are one of the worst nightmares a company can experience. It occurs when confidential information belonging to a consumer/user/data subject is stolen, leaked, altered, or disclosed to unauthorized persons from within the company’s server/system. If not properly managed it tarnishes a company’s reputation and can lead to security risks to the data subject.Continue reading “What happens when a Data Breach Occurs?”

4 Big Mistakes that StartUps make

1.    NOT HAVING A  FOUNDERS AGREEMENT One of the things often ignored by startups is the need to have a Founder’s Agreement. A Founders Agreement is what governs the relationships between the founders of a startup. It defines the roles and responsibilities of each of the founder members. It establishes the organizational structure and hierarchy andContinue reading “4 Big Mistakes that StartUps make”