One of the most interesting clients I  have worked with is a Cultural Institution that needed legal advice on a contract they were getting into. My contact person for the project was called John(Because of the rules of client confidentiality and the fact that snitches get stitches, I have changed his name). John was in charge of ensuring everything flows smoothly with the Contract.

The Organization was intending to set up several solar panels in a local high school and they were negotiating with an Engineering Company that was to do the importation and installation. 

The contract was a tough one, the engineering company had John by the collar. They wanted to sneak in very unfair terms into the Contract.  John and the Cultural Institution were to lose a lot of money in tax payments and they had a very limited warranty. They needed help so they talked to someone who referred them to me.

When I received the case, I knew I had to make sure John saves as much money as he could and get very favorable terms. What followed was an exchange of contract drafts one after the other. The scene was similar to a gladiator fight in Game of Thrones except we were fighting with keyboards and pens instead of swords and bows.

I was fighting for John and his Organization against an Engineering Company. Whatever it took, John had to win. It was both professional and personal, it felt like a David versus Goliath situation. 

After two weeks of a grueling and difficult struggle, we finally had a good Contract. As a result of our intense fight, John not only got a very long warranty for the panels but also got the Engineering Company to pay the installation costs saving John and his Employer a 6 figure cost. 

One of the main elements of the negotiation was just to get John to stand up to the Engineering Company and to say that they would not settle for anything less than their demands. Maybe that is a good rule for life as well?

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