Buying a plot of land is a good thing. However,  in today’s world there are so many fakes and wash wash that you have to be careful when buying a plot of land. Here is what to consider;

1. Before you buy that kaplot make sure the Company selling to you is a genuine Company. Do a search of the Company at the Companies Registry to make sure that it is properly registered and know who its shareholders are. Make sure it has a registered office and the shareholders are genuine people.  If you can,  visit the office and ask the people around the office how long it has been in operation.

2. Do Social Research – what is the reputation of the company, have they ever sold property to someone else without court cases and legal issues?

3. Know the Value of the Land – Find out the value of the land where you are buying the property. If the Company is selling too cheap,  something is most likely wrong with it. Always remember that when the deal is too good think twice!

4. Make sure it is not Public Land – Don’t buy property close to a Public School,  Government Institution, Hospital or Police Camp  without talking to the administration of the institution and making a visit to the Registry to confirm ownership details. When you visit the Lands Office,  make sure you are served by a genuine Lands Officer, if you can get their names and a photo of them.

5. Buy safe. Live safe.

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