You may want to change your name for one reason or the other, maybe you are applying for a Passport and the names don’t match up or you just want a new Identity or Name.  This is what you do when you want to change your name.

1. Identify the name you wish to change to.  Make sure the name is not vulgar or offensive and that it is easy to pronounce so that your Application is not rejected.

2. Have a Lawyer prepare a Deed Poll for you indicating the name you wish to change to.

3. Get someone who has known you for more than 10 years to swear a Statutory Declaration stating that they have known you for that period by your former name.

4. Have a Copy of your Birth Certificate with you. It will form part of the Application.

5. If you’re just married also attach a consent from your husband where he accepts that you’re changing your name to his. You will also have to attach a copy of your Marriage Certificate and an Affidavit stating that you want to change your name.

6. File these documents with the Registrar of Persons.

7. Once your Application is approved a Notice of Name Change will be published in the Kenya Gazette.

8. At this stage you will have officially changed your name.

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