As a Foreigner intending to work and do business in Kenya it is important to have a Work Permit to avoid the risk of being deported. Here is how to get a Work Permit;

1. Firstly, there are different types of Work Permits depending on what you are coming to do in Kenya.  General Investors apply for different classes of permits as Missionaries or people coming to be Employed. What you are coming to do determines the class of Work Permit you will apply for.

2. Start by setting up an account on

3. Make an Application noting to include; a Cover letter from employer/self/organization depending on the class,  copies of your National Passport, 2 recent colored passport size photographs and the Application fees upon receipt of approval of the application.

4. Different Permits have different costs; Mining Permits cost 10,000 shillings,  Permits for Missionaries cost 1,000 shillings, Agricultural Permits cost 100,000 shillings and require you to show proof that you own land in Kenya and have enough money to get into agriculture, an Employment Permit costs 10,000 to process, an Investor Permit costs 10,000 shillings and proof that you have more than 10,000,000 shillings that you wish to invest in Kenya.

5. In addition to the processing fee,  you will be charged an annual renewal fee depending on the type of Permit you seek. For example for an Employment Permit you will have to pay 200,000 shillings as annual renewal fees, for an Investor you will have to pay 100,000 shillings as the annual renewal fees.

6. Note that this is general advice and depending on your unique personal situation you should seek the services of an Immigration Lawyer to know all the documents you will need to attach at any given stage.

7. If you are denied a Permit even after complying with these procedures you can Appeal the decision to the High Court and seek to have the denial reversed.

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